Natural Ametrine Faceted Gemstone Nugget Beads
Natural Ametrine Faceted Gemstone Nugget Beads

Ametrine Beads, Nuggets Faceted Natural

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CLEARANCE Ametrine Beads, Natural
Style: Faceted freeform nuggets
Size : Various : average 10mm x 13mm x 4.5mm to 15mm x 12mm x 5mm
Count : 36 beads / strand
Weight : 41.6 grams | 208.0 carats
Ametrine is said to have all the metaphysical properties of both amethyst and citrine combined, as well its own unique properties. Ametrine energies are said to stimulate the intellect and rid the aura of negative energy. Physically ametrine strengthens the nerves, promotes the supply of oxygen to the body and helps to encourage the healing process after a serious illness. Ametrine will stimulate the activity of the brain and enhance the wearer's emotion life and creativity. Ametrine aids in meditation, boosts psychic abilities, relieves tension, disperses negativity and helps to eliminate prejudice. It also has the basic properties of both the amethyst and the citrine that comprise it.