Czech Glass Beads, 8mm Fire Polished
Czech Glass Beads, 8mm Fire Polished

8mm Fire Polished TWILIGHT CRYSTAL Czech Glass Beads

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8mm Crystal Czech Glass Faceted 8mm Fire Polished Beads with Twilight Finish. The Twilight Finish gives a Golden AB shimmer effect to these Czech Glass Beads. There are about 25 beads per strand.

Czech Glass Beads
Style : Faceted Fire-Polished
Color: Crystal
Finish : Twilight
Size : 8mm
Origin : Czech Republic
Qty : ~25 beads / strand
Sold by : Strand

Authentic Czech Glass Beads from the Czech Republic. Glass making in the Czech Republic is an age old industry. These glass beads are still made in small quantities by hand. Czech Fire-Polished Glass Beads are glass beads that are machine made, usually cut to many facets, and then then polished over an open flame. This polishing process gives them brilliance.


In Stock and Ready to Ship