55mm Large Black Peace Sign Pendants
55mm Large Black Peace Sign Pendants

55mm Large Peace Sign Pendant Black

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Large Black Magnesite Stone Peace Sign Pendants for your jewelry creations. This large size indigo stone peace symbol pendant works perfectly as a focal.

Black Stone Peace Sign Pendant
Overall Size approx : 55mm across = just over 2" wide (2.16 to be exact)
Color : Jet
Gemstone : Magnesite
Sold by Piece - 3 pieces minimum.

Colorful Magnesite Beads and Pendants have been one of our most popular gemstone lines for several years now. Magnesite is a carbonate mineral that is commonly dyed various colors, sometimes to look like other more expensive stones such as turquoise. Magnesite is used by crystal healers to assist in lessening PMS symptoms and strengthening bones. Some say it brings peace during meditation, stimulates passion, and assists in creative visualization.