30x22mm Oval Silver Leaf Jasper Beads
30x22mm Oval Silver Leaf Jasper Beads

30x22mm Silver Leaf Jasper Oval Beads

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30x22mm Oval Silver Leaf Jasper Beads
Size : 30mm x 22mm x 8mm thick
Cut : Oval
Hole : ~.038" = 0.96mm
Count : 14 beads / strand
Sold by Strand.
Gemstone Origin : Africa
Silver Leaf Jasper Beads - From Africa, our Silver Leaf Jasper beads combine grey, black, brown and white in a swirling leaf pattern. Jasper is an opaque to sub-translucent form of chalcedony. Their one-of-a-kind patterns have made jasper beads widely popular since antiquity when the gemstone material was first used for cylinder seals and as amulets against drought. In Silver Leaf Jasper, the swirls and spotted patterns and colors are heightened when you combine them with Black Onyx or Smoky Quartz. Or intersperse these unique beads with a variety of Sterling Silver Beads and/or Spacers for a sophisticated design.