15x10mm Turquoise Rectangle Pillow Beads
15x10mm Rectangle Pillow Turquoise Beads

15x10mm Turquoise Rectangle Pillow Beads

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A strand of Rectangular Turquoise Magnesite Beads measuring approximately 15mm long x 10mm wide for your jewelry making projects. Pretty blue in color with hints of natural brown vein matrix.

Turquoise Magnesite Beads
Overall Approx Size : 15mm x 10mm = ~5/8" x 3/8+"
Count : avg 27 beads per strand
Color : Turquoise Blue
Shape : Rounded Rectangle | Pillow Beads
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Colorful Magnesite beads have been one our most popular gemstone lines for several years now. Magnesite is a carbonate mineral that is commonly dyed various colors, sometimes to look like other more expensive stones such as gemstone turquoise or lapis lazuli. Magnesite is used by crystal healers to assist in lessening PMS symptoms and strengthening bones. Some say it brings peace during meditation, stimulates passion, and assists in creative visualization.