14mm Linen Halo Rose Petal Beads
14mm Linen Halo Rose Petal Beads

14mm Czech Glass Rose Petal Beads LINEN Halo

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14mm Linen Halo Rose Petal Beads
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14mm Halo Linen Czech Glass Rose Petal Beads
Style : Rose Petals
Color | Finish : Linen with Halo Finish
Size : 14mm x 13mm
Origin : Czech Republic
Qty : ~25 beads / strand
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Halo finish is a coating that Preciosa company started producing for beads in jewel-tone colors that are locked into a fabulous layer of golden dust. The effect is simply stunning - Halo beads have a soft golden glow just as paintings from Renaissance era.

These lovely 14mm Czech glass Rose Petal shaped beads have a slightly raised center and a hole at the top. They are ideal for making beaded flowers and intricate designs to create a one of a kind focal piece. You can also create life-like garden bracelets by combining these new Czech glass petal beads with Japanese Seed Beads. Once you get the hang of this new style, the arrangement possibilities are endless.


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