12mm x 2mm Miyuki Twisted Bugle Beads
12mm x 2mm Miyuki Twisted Bugle Beads

12mm Miyuki Twisted Bugle Beads, Matte Crystal AB

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Miyuki Bugle Beads
Color : Matte Transparent Crystal AB
Miyuki Twisted Hex Bugle Beads - Miyuki Bugle beads are the perfect compliment to Delicas, Rocailles and other Miyuki beads. Miyuki Bugles are a tubular bead about the thickness of a Delica. Like Glass Rays of Sunlight, this twisted tube-style is useful for beaded jewelry projects, clothing embellishments, creating beaded fringe and/or ladder and brick stitch patterns. The Miyuki brand is world-famous for being top-quality and available in a wide range of beautiful colors and finishes.

Other 2mm x 12mm Twisted Bugle Bead Specifications:
- Approx Beads Per Bag : 165 to 170 - Some finishes weigh more than others, the heavier the bead finish, the fewer beads per gram
- Size : 12mm x 2mm
- Hole Size: 0.8mm
- Approx Beads per Linear Inch : 2
- Material : Glass
- Country of Origin : Japan
- Diagram : miyuki twisted bugle beads
- Sold by : 10-gram Bag