10x8mm Rice Melon Black Onyx Beads
10x8mm Rice Melon Black Onyx Beads

10x8mm Black Onyx Rice Melon Beads

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10x8mm Rice Melon Black Onyx Beads
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10x8mm Rice Black Onyx Beads - 10mm x 8mm Melon Beads - avg 40 beads per strand - Sold by Strand.

Black Onyx, like Bloodstone, has long been prized as Rosary Beads and said to have healing powers. Onyx is said to be a grounding stone, that keeps energy within the body and prevent its drainage by stress. Natural Healers use Onyx to reduce sexual impulses, provide defense and protect during any battle or conflict, as well as provide protection from psychic attack. Zing and Pizzazz is what gleaming black onyx will add to jewelry designs. Black Onyx is also called : Black Sardonyx, Black Agate or (simply) Onyx. See all our our Black Onyx Beads. Please see all of our Rosary Parts as well.