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Sterling Silver Cernunnos Necklace, Celtic God Jewelry, Horned God Druid-Pagan Jewelry
Part Number SE-0011
Sterling Silver Cernunnos Necklace, Celtic God Jewelry, Horned God Druid-Pagan Jewelry
Sterling Silver Cernunnos Necklace
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Jewelry Customization
Pendant with Jump Ring Only
on 16" SS Chain & Boxed [+$14.00]
on 18" SS Chain & Boxed [+$15.00]
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Product Description :
Cernunnos Celtic Horned God Pendant Necklace | Cernunnos Jewelry
Overall Pendant Size, approx. : 46mm x 34mm = 1-3/4+" x 1-3/8"
Metal : .925 - Solid Sterling Silver
Made in the USA
Comes with a Sterling Silver Jump-ring (not shown)
Pendant measurements do not include the length of any removable attachments. These will vary some, but a standard jump ring would add about 4mm (~1/8") onto the overall length.
made in the usa


> Choose from a 16-inch or 18-inch Sterling Silver Necklace Chain. Please see last picture for current chain style. When selecting on a SS Chain, Your Sterling Celtic Horned God Necklace will come boxed.


Cernunnos (KER noon os) The Lord of the Animals, 'Horned One', whose images are found in Romano-Celtic worship sites, and whose role as hunter and animal god is preserved in Celtic legend and folk lore. He ruled the active forces of life and death, giving and taking, in nature; in Romano-Celtic culture he was associated with wealth and prosperity, due to his role as Guardian of the Gateway to the Underworld where all potential forces and events originated. It should be stated emphatically that this deity has far to less to do with 'fertility' and sexuality than is assumed in popular fantasy, for he is a god of hunting, culling and taking.

His purpose is to purify through selection or sacrifice, in order that powers of growth and fertility may progress without stagnation. In this context of purification and de-pollution, he should be an especially interesting figure to us today, for he represents certain truthts known to our ancestors which have been neglected by us at our peril. The figure of Cernunnos from the Gundestrup Cauldron (second century AD) is probably the best-known representation of the Celtic Horned God. His very name is really the title, 'Horned One.' Holding a torc and a serpent, wearing an antlered cap, he sits in a yoga pose with his right heel against his genitals. Nearly all seated statues of Hindu deities show the same conventional pose. The torc and serpent are also genital symbols, female and male respectively.

Cernunnos is the spirit of the sacrificed stag-god, a nature deity to whom sacrifices were dedicated in order to maintain the wild creatures and the cycles of nature with his holy blood.

Cernunnos is the god of virility, fertility, animals, sex, nature, woodlands, reincarnation, crossroads, wealth, commerce and warriors. Correspondences for Cernunnos include: the direction West, Stags and Rams, the Oak, and Peridot.
Solid COPPER Cernunnos Pendant, Celtic God Pendant
Solid COPPER Cernunnos Pendant, Celtic God Pendant
Your Price : $42.50
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